About the Artist - Illustrator

Studied Art & Design at Sutton and Cheam School of Art, then won Guest Scholarship to Royal Academy Schools while training in Medical Art at the Central Middlesex Hospital, London.


Worked in London teaching hospitals as medical illustrator, attached to medical and surgical units and anatomy departments.


Became freelance and expanded illustrative work into scientific and natural history. Working in partnership with palaeontologist husband, they produced numerous books on dinosaurs including a series for children. Project work together took them to USA, West Africa, India and China.


Appointed Director of Education for the Medical Artists’ Association - Postgraduate Training Programme based at UCL 1993 - 2001


Chairman of the Medical Artists’ Association 2005 - 2009


Elected Fellow of the Medical Artists' Association


Published work includes:


‘Gray’s Anatomy’ 36th, 37th and 38th editions

pub. Churchill-Livingstone

‘Patterns of Vertebrate Evolution’ - Halstead

pub. Taylor & Francis

‘Bare Bones’ - Halstead & Middleton

pub. Oliver and Boyd

‘Dissection Guides of Common Tropical Animals’

pub. Ethiope Press, Nigeria

‘Dinosaurs’ - Halstead & Halstead

pub. Blandford Press

‘Brontosaur - the story unearthed’ - Jenny & Beverly Halstead

‘Terrible Claw - story of a carnivore’ - Jenny & Beverly Halstead

‘Sea Serpent - a nothosaur’ - Jenny & Beverly Halstead

‘Pterodactyl - a flying reptile’ - Jenny & Beverly Halstead

‘Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life’ - Jenny & Beverly Halstead

pub. Harper Collins

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